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​​​​​SFI Investigations, LLC

We provide a number of training programs for individuals or businesses. Whether it's a corporation wanting to license their security department or an individual seeking to enter the security industry, we have the courses for you. 

We provide Patrol Services for Clients who have a need for security but not wishing to have an full time, static Officer. These patrols respond to dispatched calls, perform random patrols and answer alarms. 

Uniformed Services

We provide Uniformed Services with either Armed or Unarmed Officers for all types of clients. Whether it's a high risk apartment complex, a retail center, or citical infrastructure, our Officers are trained to address the needs of your business. 

In 1982, James Wilson and George Kelling introduced a theory of criminology known as the "Broken Windows" Theory. The theory states that if a building has a broken window and it is not repaired, it will eventually receive a second broken window. And overtime, the damages will become greater. Crime behaves the same way, with minor criminal issues paving the way to greater criminal activity. 

As Security Professionals, our job is to target the minor issues before they become more serious problems. We use respect over intimidation, strategy and technology over brute force. We are not a large conglomerate too big to care for our clients needs or to take care of our staff. We have a motivated staff who provides a professional, quality service. If you are looking for a serious security solution, schedule an appointment today.

Roving patrols

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our goal is to create a safer community with compassion and respect.