Started in 2008 as South Florida Impact Investigations, SFI Investigations, LLC was designed to be different than our competitors. While learning the Private Security Industry, Chief Jarmon worked for several different Security Agencies. He noticed that they focused on compliance through intimidation and that the staff they hired often were unqualified or incapable of doing the job. Most of these companies were only looking for "warm bodies" to fill their contracts. Larger companies were disconnected from their employees on the ground and could not focus on their clients needs. 

Jarmon opened SFI with the idea that compliance would be better obtained by using tact and respect instead of intimidation. He put an emphasis in using Community Oriented Policing Strategies to focus on preventing and deterring crime instead of harassment. We use criminology theories like "Broken Windows" and "Routine Activity" theories to target criminal activity and reduce the number of incidents at any given location. Officers receive training in a variety of subjects to make them better prepared to service the community and are required to continue their training to receive promotions and raises. We avoid the warm body mentality that many of our competitors have used for decades. 


Gregory G Jarmon Jr


Marine Corps Veteran; 21 years Experience in Security Operations; BS in Criminal Justice; Licensed Security Instructor; Certified Instructor in LE Use of Force and Control Devices. 



SFI Investigations, LLC


Founded: 2008

Owner: Gregory G Jarmon Jr


Areas of expertise:  Static Security Services, Roving Security Services, Security Training and Instruction, and Private Investigations. 


On December 19th, 2016, one of our Supervisors, Major Torrence Benjamin, passed away while on duty. He was working at a local Children's Hospital when he succumbed to a medical event. 

Major Benjamin had been with SFI Investigations, LLC from the day of its inception and was an integral part of our Operations. His dedication to our Agency allowed us to achieve some very early success. He was instrumental to obtaining our first contracts. As a supervisor, he stood out as a leader, mentoring Officers and instructing them to be better members of our team. He would give his personal time to help his teammates, our clients and even some of our clients residents. 

On a more personal note, Torrence was my friend. He spent time with my family and was as much a member of our family as someone could be. He had my back and even saved my life in 2015. An act that saw him awarded the Private Officer International Medal of Valor. I could always count on him to be there when he was needed and he always selfishly sacrificed for everyone. His heart was enormous and he graciously cared for everyone. Working the Children's Hospital was very special to him, as he loved to interact with the Children. For those of use who knew Torrence, we were blessed. His passing will forever leave a hole in our hearts. He will always be remembered, and we will always strive to be more like TJ. 

We love you, brother. 

Chief. Greg Jarmon and the SFI Investigations Family.  

Deputy Chief

Chastity A Jarmon


10 Years Security Experience; 18 Years Customer and Administrative Service Experience; 12 Years Medical Experience 


Lic. #: B 1700184