State License #: B 1700184

Deputy Chief - Chief of Administration

Chastity A Jarmon

Certified Nursing Assistant

Professional Security Officer

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Started in 2008 as South Florida Impact Investigations, SFI Investigations, LLC was designed to be different than our competitors. While learning the Private Security Industry, Chief Jarmon worked for several different Security Agencies. He noticed that they focused on compliance through intimidation and that the staff who was hired often were unqualified or incapable of doing the job with these companies only looking for warm bodies to fill their contracts. Larger companies were disconnected from their employees on the ground and could not focus on their clients needs. 

Jarmon opened SFI with the idea that compliance would be better obtained by using tact and respect instead of intimidation. He put an emphasis in using Community Oriented Policing Strategies to focus on preventing and deterring crime instead of harassment. We use criminology theories like "Broken Windows" and "Routine Activity" theories to target criminal activity and reduce the number of incidents at any given location. Officers receive training in a variety of subjects to make them better prepared to service the community and are required to continue their training to receive promotions and raises. We avoid the warm body mentality that many of our competitors have used for decades.  

End of Watch Release:

Major Torrence J Benjamin has been a member of the Security Industry since 2006. He held both a Class D and Class G security license issued by the State of Florida. He received numerous certifications from ASIS, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security in a variety of Security related areas, including Active Shooter Response, Incident Command System, Nationwide Search Initiative, and Emergency Management. Maj. Benjamin was a member of the Civilian Emergency Response Team from Lealman and was trained to respond to disasters to assist the general public.

The list of organizations that Maj. Benjamin has been associated with includes IPC Security, DSI Security, Critical Response Security, Raymond James Financial and John Hopkins All Children's Hospital. In each position, Maj. Benjamin put forth his all and was dedicated to each of his employers.

In 2009, Maj. Benjamin was accepted to South Florida Impact Investigations. He became the Pinellas County Director of Operations in 2013, achieving the rank of Major. As a Security Officer with our Agency, he was awarded the Private Officer International Medal of Valor for confronting an armed subject threatening members of the community. He was awarded Officer of the Quarter for sitting with a young boy who was separated from his parents. Maj. Benjamin sat with this boy for over two hours, keeping him entertained until his parents were found. He was awarded the Officer of the Quarter for protecting a young family from Lakeland who were being accosted by criminals during a holiday event. He was awarded the Officer of the Year for his hard work, leadership, and dedication to duty.

On December 19th, 2016, Maj. Benjamin passed away in the line of duty from a medical emergency. He was surrounded by loving coworkers who worked unrelentingly to try and revive him. He never recovered.

Maj. Benjamin was laid to rest on December 29th, 2016. He was surrounded by his family and friends. We took honor in escorting our fallen brother to his final home. Sierra-5 is now 10-7.

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