The Security Industry is full of opportunity to serve our communities and the public. Security Officers are responsible for the arrest of millions of criminals each year, they have prevented tens of millions of crimes, and saved countless lives. It takes a dedicated professional to take the risks we do without the legal protections, pay and benefits of Law Enforcement. Some see this industry as a stepping stone to something greater, others like myself found a place walking patrols in neighborhoods and protecting the residents. 

Unfortunately, the industry also has bad apples who hurt our reputation by committing foolish acts, crimes and other unwanted behaviors. As a result, these bad apples have impacted the opportunity for Officers to make decent, livable wages. It becomes compounded when you add on the bad Agencies out there who take advantage of their Officers and betray their clients through dishonest and inappropriate operations. But we can correct the ship through solid hires, providing good training and following the laws and regulations pertaining to our industry. 

We are looking for Security Officers who are willing to work and be treated like professionals. Are you tired of working for the big conglomerates who screw up your pay? Are you tired of the companies that ignore you and treat you like an employee number and don't respect what you bring to the table? Are you tired of working for companies where if you're outside of the inner cliques, you don't get treated fairly? Tired of the companies that cut corners at your expense or put clients over you? Tired of the companies who break the law and put your licenses at risk? I've been there, and working for many of my competitors, I've seen it all. When I opened this Agency, I wanted to be different. We put the Officers first, because Officers who are taken care of provide better services to our clients. Officers who get through their probationary period tend to stay with our Agency for several years. 

As a Marine Veteran, I was trained to believe in the core values of honor, courage and commitment and I brought them to my Agency. So we are looking for those who understand and respect those same values. Our motto is Protect, Detect and Respect. We added respect because at the very core of how we operate, to be respectful is paramount to everything we do from how we treat our clients and their customers, how we treat other people, how we treat suspects and to how we treat each other. As a result, we have successfully reduced crimes at all of our properties by an average of 80%. And that is not because of me or my company, its because of the hard work and dedication of my Officers. 

The Officers who work for us must have a sense of integrity and a solid work ethic. These Officers must:

* Be able to interact with others in a professional and courteous manner
* Be able to follow instructions and comply with State and Local laws
* Be able to write professional looking reports 
* Have their own reliable transportation (family or a friend's car is not reliable transportation, no Uber/Lyft or Cabs)
* Have their own duty gear and firearm (We can purchase duty gear with reimbursement program)
* Have a current and valid Class "D" and "G" License at time of application. (WE WILL VERIFY)
* Have a clean criminal history
* Pass a drug screen
* Be able to use modern technology (cell phone/tablet applications, GPS, email, etc)
* Must have a smartphone able to operate job related software (its free). 
* Live within the Tampa Bay area
* Must provide a resume (No Resume, no call back, no interview) 
* Must have black or khaki BDU style pants 

These positions require someone with patience and calm demeanor who knows how to de-escalate tense situations. The jobs may require physical activity. 

Pay starts at $13/hr with automatic pay raise every year. Officers may also get pay increases based on experience and job performance. Supervisory positions available as new sites are acquired. There is room to grow with us, we promote from within and have several tiers of supervisor positions. We also provide commissions for Officers who are responsible for new contracts as well as a recruiting bonus for new Officers. Paid annual vacation. 

Body armor is recommended. If you do not have body armor, we can purchase for you with reimbursement program. 

Free training certifications for our employees. There is no "training allowance" to provide you training for courses we are certified to teach. You can take any of our classes at anytime for free. 
Training includes:
*Use of Force
*Excited Delirium
...and more.

Starting in 2019, Officers who bring in a new certificate of continuing education or training will receive a bonus payment for each certificate they turn in. 

Here are a few tips to stand out:

1. Provide a complete and updated resume. An email with your name and number is not sufficient to secure an interview. Make sure the resume is free of errors. It represents you and your ability to write professional and proper reports. 

2. Make sure that your licenses are valid. A number of applicants who have applied were denied because their licenses were expired or under review. We cannot wait for your license issues to be rectified. 

3. Live within a reasonable distance of our jobsites. We primarily provide services in the Tampa Bay region, applicants from Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville or anywhere else outside of an hour drive time will not be considered. 

We are looking for both full and part time employees for South Pinellas. 

Veterans with a DD214/DD215 who have received their licenses within the last 6 months will have their license fees reimbursed after 90 days.

If you think you're what we are looking for, we want you to apply. Complete the application below and submit it with your resume to info@sfipi.com and we'll schedule and interview at your convenience. 


Lic. #: B 1700184