Lic. #: B 1700184


For clients who may not require a dedicated, on site uniformed Officer, we provide roving patrols where a marked vehicle will 

Our uniformed Security Officers provide a proactive patrol service that searches for and addresses safety and security risks of our clients properties. Utilizing Community Oriented Policing Strategies, our Officers are able to deter criminal behavior be removing opportunity and teaching our communities how to protect themselves with proper planning. Using "Broken Windows", we teach clients how to identify minor issues which could grow into larger liabilities and address them effectively. With Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, we teach clients how to recognize environmental issues which could increase criminal opportunities and turn those issues into environmental defenses.

Our Officers have reduced criminal activity by over 80% on every property we have worked by using these strategies and by remaining respectful and professional. We also keep ourselves accountable by utilizing GPS monitored reporting software and electronic checkpoint scanning. So Clients can feel secure in the knowledge that we are out there, keeping their properties safe.